Solar Kits On The Go!!!

Buy our Solar Kits !


You can do so wherever you may be in the world while your home or business sits somewhere else.




Here is how it works! 


1. You scan your Mom and Pops electric bill from anywhere in the world or from anywhere in the Philippines .  Your Mom and Pop electric bill could be their home or their company (small business etc) electric bill.


2. Email this scanned electric bills to us at:


3. We generate a cost analysis of your equivalent solar kit (Solar panels/inverter/controller) and we email this cost analysis to you for your review.  This solar cost analysis will be based on your electric bill . You also have the option to buy in incremental size , then add more panels as you earn more money.


4. We will entertain questions and aswer them the best possible way. Send inquiries to


5. Once you are happy and ready to buy our system , you can make your 'initial/commitment' purchase using our Shopping Cart as shown below. Your initial purchase or commitment payment seals the deal. You will continue paying for your system based on whatever loan arrangements that you and us have arrived at.


6. You have the option to buy the kits from us and get your own installer. Or we can install them for you.


We accept Paypal or the four major credit cards shown below.